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SunnyDock Cube Pontoon for Wessex Water, Somerset

Heathland Group recently supplied a working stage on water, which we created using our modular SunnyDock cube pontoon. We supplied the system complete with galvanised handrails and a lifebuoy to Wessex Water in Bridgewater, Somerset. We used a modular cube pontoon for safety and stability This platform consisted of our modular cube pontoon to the…
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Cube pontoon hire available throughout the UK

Pontoon hire services available across England, Scotland and Wales We can hire out our cube pontoon systems for marinas, lakes, rivers and canals along with a full mobilisation and demobilisation services to both domestic and commercial clients. Complete with ISO 9001 certification, this product is monitored throughout production to ensure it meets the requirements and…
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Modular cube pontoon uses

One of the best things about the modular cube pontoon system is how versatile it is. These cubes can be connected together to create almost any design you can imagine or require. Light and versatile, they make great maintenance work platforms on the water Modular cube pontoons are lightweight, so they're fantastic as maintenance work…
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