Work Platform Pontoon Supply to Yeovil, Somerset

For this project we supplied a 2m x 1.5m work platform using the SunnyDock cube pontoon system. The system was delivered to a new client based in Yeovil, Somerset. The client was a contractor requiring assess to a remote bankside alone a stretch of river. The new system meant they were able to achieve easy access to the desired location and continue with the piling they had been contracted to complete.

SunnyDock cube pontoons make fantastic, stable work platforms for most jobs

The SunnyDock Cube Pontoon is perfect for work platforms, it is a highly versatile piece of equipment but is light and easy to work with as well as extremely strong. Many extras can be added to the system including a variety of handrails for added safety.

This cube pontoon ideal for small businesses or use by individuals, as just one man can lift a single cube weighting 7 kilograms,  therefore it's ideal if you're working on your own as you can move it around easily to where you need it.   Cube pontoons  can be broken down for transport and reassembled into different configurations depending on what you need them for so they're incredibly versatile.

For more information on our SunnyDock Cube Pontoon please click HERE.