RotoDock Pontoon and Piling Installation in Totnes

A new order of RotoDock recently delivered to Totnes Boating Association in Totnes, Devon which included the installation of some unique piling systems which will be mooring the new RotoDock boat mooring platform.  Located in the Totnes estuary, the benefits of using a floating RotoDock pontoon system for areas such as this is in the ability to create a mooring that rises and falls with the tide.

Along the stretch of estuary where our team helped with the installation of this rising pontoon mooring, the water level can rise and fall each day by an average 2.3m depending on the time of year. This left our team with strict time restraints whilst performing the installation of this pontoon as it had to be completed whilst the tide was out to ensure the piles were completely secured to the river bed.

Five steel piles were placed along the rivers edge where the mooring would be fixed, the RotoDock galvanised pile guide, one of the components that are available with  RotoDock products, was a key part of this installation allowing the RotoDock pontoon platform to be attached safety and securely. This would now give Totnes Boating Association access to the mooring, whatever the tide levels by allowing the platform to rise and fall always remaining on the waters surface.

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