Floating Pontoon Installation for the Broads Authority in Norwich, Norfolk.

A flexible approach to a floating platform or pontoon in a Norfolk river

Heathland Group was recently contracted by the Norfolk Broads Authority to create a platform along a stretch of river in Norfolk.

The platform needed to be installed along a tidal stretch of the river in Norwich, Norfolk and in order for this to work it would need to rise and fall with the water level so that, boats and watercraft would be able to always get easy access to the platform.

Using piles to allow a pontoon platform to move with tidal waters

The best way to do with this is using piles in the river so that the pontoon platform moves up and down on the piles and is always in harmony with the water level of that stretch of river.

Without this, the platform could either flooded or in dry periods, where the river's water level sank, or there would be huge gaps between the level of boats on the river and the platform.

Using piles is a very effective solution in rivers or marinas or anywhere that there are tides to ensure that your platforms, docks or jetties are in sync with the water levels around them.

For more information on pontoon platforms that can be used as jetties and docks in tidal waters, please contact us or go to modular pontoons.