Bespoke Decked Pontoon System in Epping near London

Bespoke Floating Pontoon system  with Composite plastic decking

Heathland Group recently completed a floating decked pontoon installation for a private customers lake in Epping located just outside of London. Our client was looking for a location around his lake to entertain guests in the summer, this gave him the opportunity to enjoy his wonderful garden while surrounded by water on a very stable platform.

We specialise in the creation of bespoke floating platforms for any inland waterway and marine environment

On this occasion our client wanted a large floating pontoon for their lake. The system was to incorporate a traditional looking deck with balustrades,  glass panels bordering the entire deck with lighting for use during the warm summer evenings.

For this project Heathland Group established that the best product for our client would be a 6m x 6m floating platform with a walkway of 6m x 2m constructed from the RotoDock Floating Pontoon range. By using the RotoDock Modules and Components  we were able to ensure a stable and long-lasting pontoon system to fit our clients requirements exactly and then add the required accessories such as the decking balustrades, glass panels and lighting.

Our team designed a bespoke decking system complete with a galvanised steel subframe to attach to the Floating Pontoon System. The team designed this to in a style and colour scheme that would suit the clients landscape perfectly. All of this was completed with led lights within the glass panels to give it a subtle glow in the evenings. This Decked Pontoon System was then moored into place using Heathland Groups own innovative weighted anchors.

If you have a bespoke platform or decking requirement, Heathland Group is able to provide exactly what you need for your lake or surrounding landscape. For further information on our platforms and dock options contact us.