Donation of a pontoon for the Sea Life Trust Seal Sanctuary in Cornwall

We recently received a call from the Sea Life Trust Seal Sanctuary in Cornwall, they were looking for prices for Sunnydock cube pontoon for their seals to play with.   The Sea Life Trust help so many seals including hundreds of pups every year that become stranded or have lost their mothers, so we wanted to help them however we could.

Heathland Group's pontoon department made the decision to donate a six cube pontoon system to the Sea Life Trust Seal Sanctuary and it was a pleasure to visit and see all the good work the staff do here to help our wildlife.

We plan to carry this on in 2020 and donate some more later in the year, we look forward to another visit and meeting all the fluffy pups, although I don't think they are cuddly enough to cuddle.

Well done to all the staff, great work guys.