RotoDock Floating Pontoon

rotodock modular pontoon systems RotoDock Floating Pontoon
pdf brochure download RotoDock Floating PontoonRotoDock is the most stable and versatile modular pontoon available on the market

RotoDock modular floating pontoon pier systems can meet virtually any requirements on the water surface. With their unique modular design and the total ease of use, RotoDock pontoon systems provide a wide range of installation possibilities for both marine and inland waterways.  The are ideal for commercial use or private use in residential settings.  RotoDock can be adapted to suit all requirements and environmental conditions. Special accessories can be added easily if our pontoon systems needs adapting, making it one of the most flexible pontoon and dock systems on the market.

Key advantages to using RotoDock pontoon dock systems;

  • No maintenance required
    rotodock structure 300x180 RotoDock Floating Pontoon
  • Diverse securing possibilities
  • Functional accessories
  • Multi-purpose modular design
  • Safe connection rubber mounts
  • Completely durable and flexible
  • Reduced slip surface
  • Year round use
  • Extremely stable
  • High strength

Each part of the RotoDock pontoon system is self-floating and very easy to install. The installation required is easily undertaken without special support or installation costs. On top of all the great features you can trust that this system will hold the very heaviest of loads with each of the 3m x 2m sections being capable of 1.8 tonne loads.

Configure your pontoon system any way you like to get the dock you want

build you own rotodock pontoon RotoDock Floating Pontoon

The special rubber fittings allow for movement of the system under adverse weather conditions, this results in a product that can endure the worst weather conditions without damage. All parts used on RotoDock pontoons systems are corrosion resistant, when you invest in this pontoon docking system you get a long term system, making it extremely cost-effective.

RotoDock pontoon systems are extremely attractive and completely environmentally friendly. The system is available in four main sizes as shown in the image below;
rotodock modular pontoon sizes RotoDock Floating Pontoon

RotoDock can be used to construct marinas with the aid of specialist stabilisation parts, which include steel piles to allow the system to move freely in changing water levels. The use of piles means the system can float up and down the pile in changing tide heights or adapting to any flood conditions.

Some of our customers choose to cover the surface in a deck or other material although the surface has its own reduced slip surface without the need for additional investment or work.

Uses for the RotoDock pontoon system;rotodock connecting coupler 300x297 RotoDock Floating Pontoon

  • Marinas
  • Landscaping
  • Hotels and restaurants
  • Camps, parks and recreational areas
  • Concerts
  • Weddings
  • Festivals
  • Industrial applications
  • Floating advertising Applications
  • Floating docks and bridges
  • Fishing ports and landing wharf's
  • Bridge maintenance
  • And any more uses

High quality, environmentally friendly pontoon and docking systems

RotoDock pontoons are high quality, using the best environmentally friendly raw materials and UV resistant technology in their manufacturing process.  RotoDock floating pontoons guarantee resistance against marine environments, therefore giving prolonged life and a better investment. All the pontoons we supply and install, including RotoDock, are manufactured from non-hazardous, recyclable materials and as a result are completely environmentally friendly.

Examples of RotoDock modular pontoon uses;

We supply Rotodock pontoon products for all marine and inland waterway uses and also offer full installation services on our pontoons and docks to both domestic and commercial clients. These RotoDock pontoons are available for supply and installation throughout the United Kingdom. For more information and advice about our pontoon products please email [email protected] or call 0800 3891990.

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