Modular Cube Pontoon

plastic modular cube pontoon 1 Modular Cube Pontoon

pdf brochure download Modular Cube PontoonCube Pontoon Equipment provides endless possibilities!

Our plastic cube pontoon systems are ultra-strong, making them suitable for both protected and unprotected environments. Frequent waves and high winds will not be a problem for these very flexible and versatile cube pontoons.  Although strong, this pontoon system is also extremely lightweight, making installation and handling easy whilst still retaining their strength and reliability.

These high-density polyethylene pontoon cubes can be quickly connected together by inserting a connection pin and then it's just a simple 45-degree turn to lock them into position. The pontoon cubes are moulded with a hard-wearing non-slip surface and although these pontoon cube systems are suitable in all depths of water they have a very shallow, unladen draft allowing them to be used in water of just 25mm depth.

Cube Pontoons can be used to build pontoons of virtually any shape and size for both permanent and temporary installations in a wide range of locations.

Modular Cube Pontoon Sizes And Features

modular cube pontoon sizes Modular Cube PontoonAvailable in four sizes;

  • 500mm x 500mm x 380mm
  • 500mm x 500mm x 250mm
  • 500mm x 1000mm x 380mm
  • 500mm x 1000mm x 250mm

All of the raw materials used in the development of our Modular cube pontoons are all;

  • UV resistantfloating cube pontoon 300x138 Modular Cube Pontoon
  • 100% recyclable
  • Resistant to corrosion
  • Resistant to acids
  • Resistant to gasses
  • Resistant to hydrocarbons

These cubes are also capable of floating heavy, working load capacities with their unique ability to double and triple stack. A longer connecting pin passes through the pontoon cubes from top to bottom making this pontoon system very stable and capable of supporting heavy loads.

Our cube pontoons can be integrated into any existing dock, transforming your access and docking capability without major redevelopment. This makes them versatile and cost-effective for the end-user.  These docks can be rearranged and transformed into a new layout within seconds, no requirement for heavy equipment to lift the pontoon from one location to another.

Configure your pontoon system without restrictions;

build you own pontoon design Modular Cube Pontoon


Cube pontoon systems are suited too many environments including, waterparks, boat mooring's, canoe launch's, domestic lakes and ponds, events, temporary mooring, marinas and many other domestic and industrial locations. They can be used by many contracting companies to float machinery, plant and many other heavy items.

Each of the cubes has four connecting points and only one pin is required to hold four cubes together. Anchoring of the system is simple and can be achieved using all of the conventional methods, from bank side anchoring, free-floating on piles to allow for water depth changes or simply chained and anchored in place.

Examples of Cube Pontoon uses;

Click on the images or links below for information about some of the accessories available with Sunny Dock cube pontoons;