Marine Dock

Marine Dock Pontoon Systems supplied by Heathland Group Limited Throughout the UK.

pdf brochure button providing access to product informationRevolutionary Marine Dock pontoons 

Brought to the market in 2010, the Marine Dock pontoon system was the innovation that changed the way new marinas were developed and created. It also changed how we improve on existing marinas making it easier to adapt them and to adapt docking systems.

Strong robust pontoon systems for docking and marinas

Marine Dock was designed to meet the international demand for strong, robust and versatile access pontoon systems while retaining the class and quality of the very large and awkward to handle pontoon competition. This is a product that looks stunning, makes a marina look a level above the competition and consequently attracts more clients.  Above all, it will remain in top condition due to to the fact it's extremely strong and durable.

The Marine Dock pontoon solution is a highly engineered piece of equipment that's helped marina owners solve a lot of problems that were common with unchangeable docks, such as lack of versatility and adaptability. This often meant that a dock couldn't be changed to meet new needs and demands, for example, if you wanted to expand your marina.  This system is very versatile and will allow the dock owner to move and adapt the system to suit new or changing requirements.

Marine Dock can provide the following;

  • Private marinas
  • Floating bridges
  • Military boat piers
  • Piers for fishing and ferry boats etc
  • Commercial marinas
  • Mooring facilities for pilot or rescue boats

Marine dock pontoons provide a great mooring solution for yachts

The aim of the Marine Dock pontoon system is not only to provide a passage or mooring area for yachts but also to create a social environment and active floating platform that serves each unique location.

Diagram of the components for the Marine Dock floating pontoon system available from Heathland Group NorfolkThe durable framework of the Marine Dock pontoon system is specially designed to be used in marine environments. It has high endurance polyethylene floats that are interchangeable, based on their capacity and the demand for them.

Heathland Groups Pontoons offer a huge variety of Marine Dock pontoons and options

We have many Marine Dock options available for as these systems. These pontoons have many and varied applications that include finger piers to allow safe and easy access to boating craft and adaptable floating units that allow for the increased or reduced draft.  Utility systems are easy to install quickly and neatly and even come in a choice of finish colours.

All of the aluminium profiles are specially designed and manufactured and have passed the required tests to meet marine environment requirements. The plastic buoyancy floats used on these pontoons are constructed of high-density polyethylene and are extremely resistant to wear, knocks and bangs, seawater and sunlight (UV) and to aid the already enhanced performance these floats are also filled with polystyrene.

Marine Dock pontoons - key features and benefits

  • Extremely hard to damage and impossible to sink
  • Lightweight and easy to handle in and out of the water.
  • Easy to install
  • Due to the modular design, the system is easy to repair if required.
  • Suitable for electricity, water and fuel systems by means of the subtle channels
  • No stagnation of water surface due to the gaps between the floats
  • Cleats are easily replaced or moved to suit different vessels
  • Easy to attach the many accessories, such as a bank bench or safety handrail
  • Impact protection using the soft and flexible fenders
  • Possible to use as a fire and fuel point
  • An economic solution built to high standards
  • Perfect for walkways and access

Marine Dock pontoon system specifications

  • Aluminium 6005 T6 main profile
  • ISO 3834-2 welding certificate
  • High quality
  • Various lifting capacities and freeboard heights available, based on specifications from the customer
  • Suitable for boats up to 45 metres in length with mega yacht profile
  • Suitable for mooring many boat types with different lengths and heights, such as fishing vessels, ferry boats, day launches, as well as any type of yacht
  • Installed with ease

Marine Dock mooring and boat access fingers 

  • Constructed from aluminium 6005 T6 main profile
  • ISO 3834-2 welding certificate
  • High quality
  • Suitable for attaching cleats, similar accessories by means of channels
  • Easy to install
  • Produced in a delta shape
  • Lifting capacity of 150 kg/m2 and possible to increase it with additional floaters

Main deck walkways for Marine Dock

  • Constructed from a composite material
  • Available in many colour options
  • Optional wooden coated finish

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