We provide floating pontoon equipment to the marine and inland waterway industries

Heathland Group Limited is a long-established company that supplies (both for sale and hire) and installs floating pontoon equipment.  We specialise in modular pontoons and marine pontoons for marine environments, inland ponds, lakes, reservoirs, rivers, canals and marinas. Heathland Group offers comprehensive pontoon services throughout England, Scotland and Wales to the farming, commercial, industrial and leisure industries and also homeowners.

We provide pontoons, docks and barriers to a large variety of clients who want to improve access to waterways. The list of uses for pontoons, docks and barriers is large and varied.

No obligation quotes on all new-build and bespoke pontoon systems 

We provide no-obligation quotes on all new-build pontoon systems and always try our very best to be the most competitive on price without lowering the quality of the final product.

All staff at Heathland Group are experts in pontoon use, design and the best methods of installation. Our trained team can help you with any pontoon or marina project you may have, from a small walkway to entire marina developments. Our pontoon and dock products are all made from environmentally friendly, 100% lead-free, recycled materials and they are designed with longevity and durability in mind to ensure our pontoon systems are suitable for harsh environments and look great for years to come.

We listen to your pontoon requirements and use our skills to give you the pontoon solution you require

We believe that it's essential to have a good relationship with our customers and that relationship helps us achieve the best possible results from any floating pontoon, modular pontoon or cube pontoon, dock or barrier project. We listen closely to your requirements and note all the details, making sure that we involve you in each and every step of the project, however small. The processes we use and our excellent projects management team enable us to closely monitor progress and ensure that all pontoon, dock and barrier supply and installation projects run smoothly.

Our highly-trained team can help you with any pontoon, dock or marina project

The team at Heathland Group are highly trained to ensure they have the knowledge to help you through your pontoon, dock or marina project from start to finish.  We can advise on the best pontoons and products and to give you exactly what you need.

Heathland Group supply and install a huge range of floating modular cube pontoons, drive on docks and safety barriers, for rivers, lakes and marinas.  For further information on our range of pontoons, barriers and dock systems contact us on 01692 671951 or 0800 3891990 or email us at [email protected].  Our sister company Heathland fountains and aerators, also offers a huge range of fountain and aeration equipment and we offer a range of aquatic engineering services too.