Floating Safety Barriers

floating safety barriers Floating Safety Barriers

pdf brochure download Floating Safety BarriersFloating Safety Barriers designed for security and navigation safety

Our floating safety barriers are the perfect solution for managing areas of water that need security or restricting areas of navigation to deter unwanted traffic in an area of a lake, marina or section of a river or canal. Because of their high visibility, they're also perfect for indicating navigable limits.

Size of floating safety barrier modules

Dimensions of modules: Width : 95cm x Length : 190cm x Height : 95cm

safety barriers for waterways 300x151 Floating Safety BarriersEach of the floating safety barrier modules is produced in two halves, joined together by means of galvanised axle creating strength and ultimately an impenetrable barrier. These floating modules are then linked to the others using a galvanised chain and clamping system. The system is held in place with piles or/and mud weights depending on which is most suitable for the seabed, lake bed or riverbed they are installed across.

As these floating security or safety barriers are produced in modular form, it's possible to produce a system for your specific requirements. in the unlikely event, one of the units is damaged by a large, fast-moving vessel it is also easy to replace one of the floats without the need to remove the entire system and so there is no interruption to the use of your floating safety barrier if one or two modules become damaged.

As with all of the polyethylene products used in our pontoons and floating safety barriers they are extremely durable, robust and totally UV resistant. Each part of the barrier has been filled with foam, which makes them extremely buoyant and virtually impossible to sink even if they are heavily damaged. It is also possible for us to supply these safety barriers with warning labels of your choice.

Available colours for floating safety barriers

We can supply our floating safety barriers to Scotland, England and Wales, we also offer a full installation service to both domestic and commercial clients for a variety of uses throughout the United Kingdom. For more information and advice about our pontoon products please email [email protected] or call 0800 3891990.