Floating Wave Breaks

floating wave barriers Floating Wave Breaks
Floating wave breaks create a calmer and safer environment

The Enforcer is designed to act as a marine floating barrier and when configured into layers it can be used as a wave barrier. This reflects the majority of the waves energy back out into the sea, lowering the height of the wave, creating a calmer, safer marina, which is essential for the craft moored within.

floating wave barriers systems Floating Wave Breaks

These wave breakers can simply be installed in single, double, four and five layer options t can be used in a variety of different environments, making them very versatile.   They are capable of holding signage, navigation lights and razor wire, which makes them suitable for use in residential, marina, harbour and military settings.

Easy connection of modules for floating wave breaks

To connect the modules together, two or more steel cables are housed inside an EPDM rubber sleeve. The modules are available in two main colours, red and white. The white wave barrier module is slightly larger than the red.


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