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cube pontoon dock hire Pontoon Hire
Heathland cube pontoon systems available for hire throughout the UK.

We aim to set the very highest of standards in the pontoon industry and so we are proud of our cube pontoon hire fleet, which helps 1000 of people and companies achieve their goals on water each year. Our cube pontoon systems represent some of the very strongest on the pontoon hire market and they're the ideal solution for anyone that requires a cube pontoon for shorter term use and doesn't want the cost of purchasing an extensive  pontoon system that they'll only use the once.

Complete with ISO 9001 certification, our pontoon products are monitored during production to meet the specified requirements and deliver the standards our customers expect. All of the dock and pontoon systems we sell and hire are completely safe for use in any water environment and fully recyclable when they reach the end of their life, so you're also using something environmentally friendly.

Pontoon solutions for when you need to work on water

At Heathland Group it's all about providing our clients with water access that's safe and effective, but also allows them to work efficiently. We have many years of experience and knowledge working with pontoons and this enables us to supply our customers with the very best pontoon solution to allow them access on water, whether this is for a private use,  larger civil engineering works or a maintenance job.

Many of our staff members have years of experience in dredging, maintenance and construction work on water. This means they know how to put the very best packages together with a full understanding of the requirements and conditions you'd be facing.

Cube pontoon technical specifications

  • floating cube pontoon hire Pontoon HireCube dimensions: 500mm x 500mm x 40mm
  • Individual cube weight: 7Kg
  • Cube buoyancy: 350Kg / m2 utilising one layer
  • Cube buoyancy: 680Kg / m2 utilising two layers
  • Cube buoyancy: 1020Kg / m2 utilising three layers
  • Compression loading: 3500Kg / m2
  • Manufactured from high density polyethylene
  • Connecting lug tensile strength: Greater than 1950Kg tested at 50mm per minute.
  • Easy to transport on the road or by water

Cube pontoon hire uses;

  • cube pontoon bridge access Pontoon HireTriathlon water access
  • Aqua parks
  • Water sports
  • Sailing events
  • Music events
  • Work platforms
  • Lifting requirements
  • Bridge inspection and repairs
  • Civil engineering works
  • Maintenance work

For more information on our plastic cube pontoon systems click HERE.

We hire pontoon products for marinas, pond, lake, river and canal banks and full installation services to both domestic and commercial clients for a variety of uses throughout the United Kingdom. For more information and advice about our pontoon hire products please email [email protected] or call 0800 3891990.