Drive On Docks

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Modular drive-on docks, boatlifts and jet ski docks keep your jet ski or boat safely stored

Modular boat lift docks and jet ski docks are designed specifically for storing your boat or jet ski clear of the water. They are extremely robust and durable platforms but they are also very versatile and easy to install. The boat lift has been developed with central rollers and side wheels and to make this system suitable for all boats, the wheels can be removed and re-positioned to suit a particular boat hull.

Drive-on dock is a highly effective docking and storage system for boats and jet skis

The dock is a slightly more simple option to the larger boat lift and is constructed with central rollers, making it a highly effective docking and storage system for your boat or jet ski. You can remove the central sections of this flexible docking system to suit your specific docking area.

Boat lifts and jet ski docks can accommodate boats of various sizes from 4 metres to 10 metres in length.

Connect your boat lift or jet ski dock to a modular cube pontoon making your boat more accessible

Both the jet ski docks and boat lift products can be connected to modular cube pontoon systems making your boat accessible with ease.  It's possible to extend this access to any size and configuration.

Customise your jet ski or boat docking system with modular cube pontoons

To make things easier still, we also have a range of manual and electric winches, which are capable of both supporting and assisting with loading your boat when docking. Because this system is based on the modular cube pontoon equipment, the boat lift and jet ski dock can easily be attached. This can also be attached to existing docks or pontoons to create a fully customisable build.

For calmer waters, inland waters and sheltered locations the versatility of these two dock systems for boats and jet skis makes them hard to beat.

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