Working on Water

Floating Work Platforms

When working on water it is essential to have a method of access that is safe, effective and allows you to work efficiently. Floating cube pontoons are ideal for work platforms for any water body and for any access requirements.

Cube pontoon systems are lightweight with each cube weighing only 7KG, they're easy to handle making them ideal for transporting to different locations quickly and efficiently and the versatility of these systems gives you the ability to construct any size and shape floating work platform for your job requirements. Cube pontoon systems have a wide range of Pontoon components that can be added to customise your work platform for your desired application.

Floating work platforms are ideal solutions for works such as bridge maintenance and repairs, dredging works, maintenance on areas that are inaccessible from solid ground, removal of foreign objects from a water body, temporary walkways, bridges and boat moorings.

Heathland Pontoons provides a rapid response hire service for floating work pontoon systems. We also have our Modular pontoon sales department for longer-term projects or where repeated floating work platforms are required. For more information on these services and our floating work platforms please email: [email protected] or call us at 0800 3891990.