Cube pontoon platform supplied for lake clearance in Epping, Essex

Heathland Pontoon Solutions recently supplied a modular cube pontoon platform to a commercial client for a lake bed clearance in Essex near London.

This platform was made up of our modular cube pontoon to the size of 6m x 7m providing a 3m x 2m hole. Our team supplied this with all the necessary pontoon components for our client to be able to deconstruct and reassemble this platform to suit their requirements. With fast next day delivery we were able to get this system to our client with plenty of time to spare for them to carry out the clearance for their client.

We also have a pontoon hire service department within Heathland Pontoon Solutions who are able to provide a rapid response service for any temporary pontoon or platform needs. This customer chose to purchase this a modular cube pontoon system as these are extremely versatile and easy to transport.

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