Modular cube pontoon uses

One of the best things about the modular cube pontoon system is how versatile it is. These cubes can be connected together to create almost any design you can imagine or require.

Light and versatile, they make great maintenance work platforms on the water

Modular cube pontoons are lightweight, so they're fantastic as maintenance work platforms and can be placed into the water and removed again regularly, as they are easy to handle and install.  The strength of these cube pontoons is simply astounding for the weight of the product and they are suitable for all environmental conditions as they move with water levels, so there is no issue with the rising and falling with the tide.

This is  most flexible pontoon is you need to change location, size, formation etc

If you need a flexible pontoon platform that you can redesign or change the formation and shape, significantly or slightly, or move it and use it for a second purpose, the modular cube pontoon is the ideal choice.


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