Modular Cube Pontoon Applications

One of the best things about the Modular Cube Pontoon System is how versatile they are. These cubes and be connected together to create almost any design you can imagine.

Due to the lightweight structure they are fantastic for maintenance work platforms that will be being removed and placed into the water regularly, as they are easy to handle and install.  The strength of the Cube pontoons is simply astounding for the weight of these products, they are suitable for all environmental conditions due to the amazing ability to move with the water levels, this eliminates the issues of a pontoon on a section of water which rises and falls with the tide.

At Heathland Pontoons we have found that if you have a need for a pontoon platform which you may wish to redesign or alter the shape of slightly, or even move it and use it for a second purpose, there is simply no better choice than the Modular Cube Pontoons.


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