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Floating pontoon platforms for special events!

Having an event by the water? Why not have it on the water! Floating pontoons are perfect for creating a floating platform for a truly memorable event. Floating Cube Pontoons Systems are ideal for this purpose, due to their strong and lightweight design. They are easily moved to different locations and extremely easy to assemble…
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Working on Water

Floating Work Platforms When working on water it is essential to have a method of access that is safe, effective and allows you to work efficiently. Floating Cube Pontoons are ideal for work platforms for any waterbody and for any access requirements. Cube Pontoon Systems are lightweight with each cube weighing only 7KG, easy to…
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Modular Cube Pontoon Applications

One of the best things about the Modular Cube Pontoon System is how versatile they are. These cubes and be connected together to create almost any design you can imagine. Due to the lightweight structure they are fantastic for maintenance work platforms that will be being removed and placed into the water regularly, as they…
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