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Welcome to Heathland Pontoon Solutions! Number 1 in the United Kingdom for floating pontoon and docking systems

Heathland Pontoon Solutions is an established specialist division of Heathland Group Limited and specialises in modular pontoons and marine pontoons for marine environments, inland ponds, lakes, reservoirs, rivers and canals.  We offer all our  pontoon and dock services throughout England, Scotland and Wales and sometimes in mainland Europe.

We provide no-obligation quotations on all new-build pontoon systems and always try our very best to be the most competitive with our prices without lowering the standard of the final pontoon or dock product. We provide our services to a variety of clients from the leisure industry, for industrial uses and a variety of site environments but also to home owners who want to improve access to  nearby waterways with a pontoon or dock.

Our team at Heathland Pontoon Solutions is highly trained to ensure they have the necessary knowledge to help you through your project from start to finish, and to advise on the best pontoon or dock products and how to use pontoons and docks for greater efficiency, safety and reliability.

Heathland Pontoon solutions are experts in how to use pontoons and how to design them to give you exactly the pontoon, platform or dock you need. Our trained team can help you with any project you may have, from a small walkway to entire marina developments. All of our pontoon and dock products are made from environmentally friendly, 100% lead free, recycled materials, they are designed with longevity in mind to ensure our pontoon systems are suitable for harsh environments, will remain strong and durable and look good for years to come.


Why choose Heathland Pontoon Solutions

The simple answer would be because we aim for nothing less than perfection. Our technical sales team are always available and possess the knowledge to answer any questions you may have on pontoons, docks, marina, walkways, jetties etc and to ensure you get the best product and accessories for your chosen pontoon or dock. We are eager to help with any bespoke projects you may have and can assist and advise from start to finish on major bespoke marina, docking and pontoon projects, so you know you have expert help and expert knowledge from one of our team members  at all times. We provide nothing but the best quality pontoon products made from the environmentally friendly high-quality, eco-friendly materials to ensure your dock, marine, or platform stands the tests of time.


modular pontoons Home

Modular Pontoons

We offer a large range of pontoon services from the popular modular pontoon systems to the extremely stable and versatile RotoDock modular pontoons used to create small and large marinas. We also offer a selection of jet ski docks and boat docks.  We provide a full in-house design and installation service for all the pontoon systems we provide. The modular pontoons are a superb product and can be built in any shape and size making them ideal for most pontoon requirements including sailing clubs, marinas, leisure activity centres, water sports, walkways and even general access requirements to a river or lake for residential sites.


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Marine Dock

Marine dock is the very best in marine docking solutions, as it offers the client a strong, durable and safe docking platform that can be modified and extended at any stage. Marine Dock is very adaptable and it can be used in very harsh conditions from marine environments where sea water might damage some of the cheaper products on the market, to inland waterways where it will provide a super-strong solution that will last for many years. Marine Dock is a great looking product as well and so it's ideal if you want to improve the look of your marina tool.


pipe floats Home

Pipe Floats

In many dredging projects there is often a need to pump material to the shore for disposal or storage. Our pipe floats are a fantastically stable product, that's also strong and available in most common sizes including special sizes based on volume. It's not just dredging that requires the use of pipe floats, they can also be used to move water from one location to another keeping the pipe above the surface so it may be monitored and it's easy to access. Pipe floats are available in 600 litre, 800 litre and 1000 litre capacities or in sizes manufactured to the clients requirement.


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Pontoon Hire

At Heathland Pontoon Solutions we are not all about sales, we also offer a hire service for those looking to complete one-off jobs or customers who simply have too many requirements to purchase a pontoon system. Our cube pontoon systems are the most popular hire items and with a cube pontoon you can create a suitable working platform in almost any environment.  The pontoon platform will be light and easy for one person to handle too. We have a huge choice of systems available in our hire fleet including access boats, rescue boats and all come with  trailers and outboards, suitable for their use.


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